Jos, Jan & Jens Loobuyck

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Results of the last years

1e national Montauban
1e national Perigueux
1e national Bordeaux*
2e international Marseille
2e national Marseille
2e national Bourges
3e national Montauban
4e national Tulle
5e national Montauban
6e national Tarbes
9e national Argenton

1e national Montauban in 2016
3e national Montauban in 2015
5e national Montauban in 2014
1e national ace-pigeon Fond KBDB 2016

Racers Loft

Racers Loft 'De Stouten' is a beautiful pigeon that won 2 races in 2009, Argenton and Tulle >>> Watch the best pigeons
Grandfather Jos

Jos is managing his pigeon loft since he is married. He builded his house in 1966 in Aalter. Pretty soon after the house was builded, there were pigeon lofts. First above his garage but later on also in the garden. In the early 90's Jos started playing on the long distance , after he played 15 years on short distance. At the moment he still loves the long distance flights. It is also in this category he won a lot of prizes. His greatest prestations: 1e national Perigueux , 2e international Marseille, 2e nationaal Bourges + several provincial victories.


Jan is the son of Jos. They play together as Loobuyck Jos & Jan in the Weibroekdreef in Aalter. When Jan was a young boy he helped his father on the lofts with feeding the pigeons. For the moment Jan is managing the breeding loft in Bellem where several topbreeders live: the parents of the 6e national Tarbes, the parents of the 4e national and 1e provincial Tulle, the parents of the 1e provincial Vierzon, ... Also the 'Pursang' , 2nd international Marseille, has still a place on the breeding loft.


Jens is the third 'J' in the generation of the Loobuycks and he is the son of Jan. He plays with his own pigeons in the Ommegangstraat in Bellem. After only 2 seasons of playing, he allready reaches a high level. His favorite bird is 'De Stouten' who became 1e ace pigeon 2009 of Meetjesland and won 2 races in 2009, Argenton and Tulle.
Jun 19 2016

Montauban first nat

Jul 08 2015

Montauban 06/07

We checked the first pigeons on the internet and then we calculated the time the first pigeon should arrive in Aalter around 17.10. At 17.08 we saw one pigeon skyhigh diving for his loft. It was the 1st basketted pigeon, the 464-12 (origin Fonne). So one year later the Loobuyck-pigeons took again the 1st prize in Eeklo out of Montauban. Last year the 5th national and this time even closer the 3th national!
Jul 05 2015

Barcelona 04/07

Because of the extreme heat conditions, this Barcelona was going to be a tough one. It was 'Jens'Favoriet" that came home at 11.07. Last year he won the 1st prize out of Barcelona, and this year again an early prize with the 5th against 236 pigeons. 'Barca Fonne' didn't come home until now, although he flow two times in the top 10 the last 2 years out of Barcelona.
Nov 05 2014

Results 2014

Now the season 2014 is over, the first results of the Championships are there:

- 1st Championship Fond KBDB Oost-Vlaanderen
- 1st Champion Fond Fondclub Eeklo
- 1st Champion Marathon Fondclub Eeklo
- 1st Ace Pigeon Grote Fond Fondclub Eeklo
- 2nd Championship Fond Meetjesland
- 2nd Championship Cureghem Centre-Award Fondclub Eeklo
- 3rd Ace Pigeon Grote Fond KBDB Oost-Vlaanderen
- 4th Ace Pigeon Fond Meetjesland
- 4th Championship Zware halve Fond Oude Aalter-Brug
- 4th Championship Zware halve Fond Jaarse Aalter-Brug
- 6th Overall Championship Belgische Verstandhouding
- 6th Fond Triptiek Belgische Verstandhouding
- 7th All-round champion Belgische Verstandhouding
- 7th Criterium of Aces Belgische Verstandhouding
- 10th Ace Pigeon Fond KBDB Oost-Vlaanderen
- 13th Championship Fond KBDB
Sep 26 2014

Articles in the press

Because of the fantastic season 2014 some articles can be found on the internet regarding the Loobuyck-pigeons. You can find the links below:
Jul 08 2014


The victory from Barcelona dated only from yesterday and again we could celebrate a new victory, this time from Limoges. The 1st prize against 388 pigeons and even the 1st provincial and 4th national. 1,7,34,44 (4/5). The yearlings also performed nicely with 23, 35, 36,119 (4/5) of 386 pigeons.
Jul 06 2014

Montauban, Agen, Barcelona

This morning at 05.36h the first pigeon from Barcelona arrived at the lofts in Aalter. This pigeon won the 1st prize in Union Eiktak Eeklo. Half an hour later the 2nd pigeon arrived. So all the pigeons were home and we had the 1st and 5th prize of 265 pigeons! A few weeks ago we also had the 1st prize out of Montauban (a direct son of the Keikop) who won the 5th national of 5935 pigeons. From Agen/Bordeaux we ended with a nice 11th and 13th place with only 2 pigeons in the race against 144 pigeons.

Jun 01 2013

Chateauroux and Limoges

The new season has finally begun after the bad weather in the beginning of May. This weekend the Loobuyck pigeons performed very well. After a 1st prize on Arras the first flight of the season, this weekend another 1st prize on Chateauroux yearbirds. Also a nice performance on the first long distance flight of the season out of Limoges.

Chateauroux 203 yearbirds: 1,4,8,28,29,... (11/16)
Chateauroux 203 yearbirds: 7,18,24,52,90 (5/9)
Chateauroux 306 old birds: 9,14,56,62,103 (5/5)
Limoges 681 old birds: 22,28,46,50,76,144,154,191 (8/8)
Aug 03 2012


This weekend the pigeons flew out of Narbonne. The 742-09 won the race against other strong competitors in Fondclub Eeklo. The 1st prize of 199 old pigeons. He was 26m/min faster than the second pigeon. In the provincial region he finishes as 2nd pigeon and national the 8th place and international the 9th place. Also the yearlings flew a very strong race. The first 2 pigeons flew the 13th and 20th place of 256 pigeons (2/3). So this weekend was very succesfull for the Loobuyck pigeons. Even on the loft of Devylder-Uytendale there was a great succes with Loobuyck-pigeons. From the strain of the 'Keikop' 2 pigeons finished on the 30th and 55th place on the national front!
Jun 28 2012

Cahors and Montlucon

Out of Cahors the birds of the Loobuyck loft flew very good. At least 3 pigeons out of 6 ranked themselves in the top 100 national (26th, 59th en 65th) of 8348 duiven. In the club this resulted in 5, 11, 12, 33, 45 of 357 old pigeons (5/6). The yearlings out of Montlucon performed also pretty good: 4, 7, 11, 18, 24, 30 ... (13/16) out of 319 yearlings.
Jul 03 2011

Bordeaux 2 july

This day will be remembered longtime. Today there was the international flight out of Bordeaux. What nobody expected, became truth. The 274-07 was electronically signed at 19u07 what was the 1st prize National of 11000 pigeons, though the controlgummi was signed after 17 minutes instead of the reglementary 10 minutes. Because of this the national victory was lost. Despite the delay, the 274 still wins the local victory in Eeklo of 188 old pigeons and the 5th national.
Dec 04 2010


The most results of championships are known. The 'Fantoom' wins the 2nd place in East-Flanders Ace Pigeon Fond 2010, after his 9th place Ace Pigeon Fond KBDB 2010. Another nice result , was the fact that the 'Sfinks' won the 1st Ace Pigeon Fond of het 'Meetjesland'. With this title he followed up his father the 'Stouten' who won this title last year. Father and son, makes it extra special!
Oct 12 2010

Auction 10 oktober

Today the auction ended of the 20 best pigeons who flew in Bellem. This because Jens, who wants to become a pilot in the Belgian Army, stopped with the pigeonsport because it wasn't to combine with the pilottraining. The auction was a big succes. The 'Fantoom' was sold as the most expensive pigeon and he is 9th ace pigeon Fond KBDB 2010 in the prognose. The 'Sfinks' has a good chance to follow up his father as 1e ace pigeon Fond 2010 of 'het meetjesland' but we still have to wait a little bit.
Jun 28 2010

Argenton 26 june

After the first 1st place in Aalter, this weekend the lofts in Bellem had their victory.
The yearlings 961-09 won the 1ste prize of 848 yearlings, 9th provincial and probably the 13th national of 19757 yearlings. Last year on the same flight it was 'the Stouten' who won the 1ste prize (1st on 281 yearlings) and this year his own son copies him. The other pigeons flew 1,20,48,70,134 of 848 yearlings (5/5).